Chris Friedrich - Alemanha

"I believe that doesn´t matter where I am going, if I am going to live by myself and moving out from my house to live without my parents it is a big learning. It was the first time that I really had to muddle through by myself, and I confess in the beggining I made some mistakes, but as time goes by it becomes more rare and now, after more than six months away from Brazil, I realize how much I´ve grown up with all I´ve learned here. Germany is an incredible place, with all the background stories, the food, people I get surprised with everything. They say germans are cold and boring, and some of them really are, but there is this kind of people everywhere. Doesn´t matter where you are, most of them are very cool, able to help you whenever you need. There is no problem if you don´t speak german very well: people know how to speak English and just those ones who have difficulties with this language that gets angry when they´re helping you. But it doesn´t mean they won´t help you. My program is being oriented to laboratory projects, and I had the opportunity to attend just to two subjects, which won´t count in my undergraduation when I come back to Brazil, because I am immersed here in another degree course. However a paper reward is nothing compared to what I am learning, not only in academic discussions, but in personal life. I recommend Germany, in fact, I would recommend anywhere, because it is a unique experience in exchange and this chance can´t be wasted."

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