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Estudos Nietzsche is a journal of the Grupo de Trabalho Nietzsche (Nietzsche Research Group) of the Post-Graduation National Philosophy Association (ANPOF), in partnership with the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR). The journal publishes papers about Nietzsche’s thought, as well as translations of unpublished texts and reviews of recent and relevant works on the German philosopher. Consequently, it aims at becoming a means of debate for researchers specialized in Nietzsche’s philosophy and, simultaneously, a source for scholars interested in the thought of the author of Zarathustra. Issued every six months, Estudos Nietzsche is published in Portuguese, but accepts papers in English or in other Neolatin languages. The submitted papers will be evaluated through a double-blind peer review process. All submitted texts must meet the philosophical and methodological rigor required for the analysis and interpretation of Nietzsche’s writings, refer to current established debates and take into account the current state on the subject in question. Created in order to promote the research and discussion of the various aspects of Nietzsche’s thought, Estudos Nietzsche also aims at pursuing – throughout 20th and 21th century history of philosophy – the Nietzschean critical task regarding metaphysics, morals, and other spheres of knowledge. Hence, the journal presents itself as a new means to carry out the purpose which guided the creation of Grupo de Trabalho Nietzsche: to stimulate the investigation and the discussion of Nietzsche’s thought, as well as on his contribution to the issues of current philosophical debate.


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