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Archives of Oral Research, v.9, n.3, 2013.

comparative study of salivary and serum iron in normal and anaemic female patients in Udaipur city, Rajasthan, India

Vinayak Kumar Mantu 1
Ruchi Mitra 2
Jeewan Kumar Mitra 3

Objective: To evaluate the concentration of serum iron and salivary iron in anemic and normal female patients and to compare and correlate the concentration of serum and salivary iron. Material and methods: The 20 Anemic and 20 non-anemic as control group female patients of age groups of 20-40 yrs were included in the study. Unstimulated whole saliva was collected and the morning blood sample was collected simultaneously. Salivary and serum iron was determined using automatic analyzer by Ferrozine method. Results: The salivary iron was significantly high in anemic female patients as compared to controls. The mean salivary:serum iron ratio was four times in anemic females as compared to control group. The correlation between salivary iron and serum iron was (p<0.05) in these cases. Conclusion: The iron in saliva is maintained at a higher level in iron deficiency anemia and it correlates well with serum iron in iron deficient anemic patients.

Palavras-chave: Iron deficiency anemia. Females. Ferritin. Mouth. Saliva.

Estudo comparativo do ferro salivar e sérico em mulheres saudáveis e anêmicas da cidade de Udaipur, Rajasthan, Índia

Objetivo: Avaliar e comparar a concentração de ferro sérico e salivar em pacientes anêmicas e saudáveis do sexo feminino. Material e métodos: Vinte pacientes anêmicas e vinte pacientes saudáveis do sexo feminino, de idades entre 20 e 40 anos, foram incluídas neste estudo. Amostras de saliva total não estimulada e sangue matinal foram coletadas. Níveis de ferro sérico e salivar foram determinados utilizando o método analítico automatizado de Ferrozine. Resultados: A concentração de ferro salivar foi significantemente maior em pacientes anêmicas quando comparadas ao grupo controle. A média da razão entre ferro salivar e ferro sérico foi quatro vezes em pacientes anêmicas. A correlação entre ferro salivar e sérico foi p<0.05 nestes casos. Conclusão: O ferro salivar se manteve em maior concentração em pacientes com anemia, apresentando correlação positiva com o ferro sérico.

Keywords: Anemia por falta de ferro. Mulheres. Ferritina. Boca. Saliva.

1 BDS, MDS, Senior Lecturer, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Darshan Dental College and Hospital, Udaipur – 313011, Rajasthan, India.
2 BDS, Postgraduate Student, Department of Public Health Dentistry, Darshan Dental College and Hospital, Udaipur – 313011, Rajasthan, India.
3 MBBS, MD, Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine, Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi – 834002, Jharkhand, India.

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