Jornada Interdisciplinar de Pesquisa em Teologia e Humanidades

Jornada Interdisciplinar de Pesquisa em Teologia e Humanidades, v.1, n.1, 2011.

Prayer in Pastoral Care and Counseling

Kevin L. Ladd 1

From a practical perspective, it must be acknowledged that prayer is, first and foremost, not a topic of academic discourse, but a spiritual discipline. While we can use the tools of science to better understand what people mean when they say that they engage in prayer that level of comprehension is not the same as the practical experience of actually praying.If we turn our attention to the manner and contexts in which prayer occurs, it is clear that situations of threat and ambiguity are among those likely to stimulate the act of praying. This is certainly not the only set of circumstances under which people pray, but it is common enough to warrant sustained attention. Often, the trouble is of sufficient magnitude that it compels the individual to seek spiritual guidance, whether from a trusted friend or a designated spiritual leader. With particular reference to the spiritual leaders, the question quickly arises concerning how to effectively help people discover their own “prayer voice.”

1 Indiana University South Bend

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